Categories: Getting Started.
How do I get started?

Spotify promotion is easy with Spotipromo! Step 1 Register on our site Step 2 Link your Spotify account and select songs you wish to promote Step 3 Choose promotion campaign Step 4 Confirm payment

How does Spotipromo work?

It’s very simple, Once you sign up for one of our campaigns our team of marketing experts will start working on promoting your account and selected songs.

Will my account get banned or disabled?

Absolutely not! Our system is safe and will not get your account banned or disabled. Other services deliver followers and plays by breaking Spotify’s Terms of Service by reverse engineering their API. Consequently, users of these services have had their accounts banned. We do not tamper with or touch Spotify’s API in any way. At

Do you need my Spotify password?

Absolutely not! Security and confidentiality are our biggest concerns at Spotipromo. We will never ask you for your Spotify password. All we require from you to get started is your artist name so that we can find your account and start your campaign.

How fast will I recieve my order?

Once your order is placed you will start seeing results in 24 hours. Campaign completion time depends on the size of the campaign, a smaller campaign like Starter and Basic are usually delivered in 1-2 days. While bigger campaigns are delivered in around 1 month.